One Of A Kind 2009 Viper ACR Hurst Edition Is Worth More Than Some Houses

In a rare instance for a European sports car, this M3's been styled in the classic JDM style that many all-time classic Japanese custom cars would often be styled in. This mod-style is personified by lowered and often stanced suspension setups, widebody kits, wild and flamboyant custom paint jobs, and wraps, big alloy wheels, and hand-applied decals to create a look instantly identifiable as classic JDM customization.

In these key areas, this M3 passes with flying colors. MaxMotive's website states the modifications done to this once Bordeaux Red Convertible Aniversary Edition E36 M3 were had all occurred not in the '90s but in the 2010s. They did a pretty spectacular job for a widebody retro-styled job this new. Making it look period correct is difficult in hindsight.

The striking Fifteen52 Japanese Custom Wheels mounted on Toyo R888 tires makes for a stunning contrast on the chameleon wrap covering the entire car. It's all tied together with an E-36 PANDEMIC ROCKET BUNNY Widebody Kit and a Ducktail from Japan. An Air Lift Performance 3P Air Suspension allows you to adjust the ride height for showing off, racing, or everyday driving makes the look and the ride all the more authentic.

It's a little touch of quality that reminds you this isn't just a DIY bodge job. MaxMotive wouldn't just let any old car inside their showroom after all. The interior of this Beamer has a few mods of its own, starting off not the least bit with the new leather-wrapped racing bucket seats and aftermarket steering wheel with an airbag delete. For how out of this world the exterior of this M3 may be, it's an uncannily different experience on the inside. We couldn't help but expect it to look like a spaceship inside.

The same could be said about what's under the hood, although the 3.2 liter I-6 under endemic to the E-36 is hardly worth lifting a finger to. It's already great, so why bother? At the end of the day, this car walks the razor-thin line between tricked out and ugly. The fact it doesn't fall into the downright ratchet category speaks to the caliber of the quality that went into all the mods. For $43,000 before taxes and fees, it's still a steep price, but well worth it if you're into the aestetic.

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